In the wake of revelations on how Facebook used and readily sold the data gathered from every single user since the moment it went on-line, it has now become all the rage for people to download their Facebook file and examine exactly what pieces of their life have been basically sold to the highest bidder.

Regarding their business dealings with Cambridge Analytica, Facebook knew they were looking at a money printing machine the likes of which no one had ever electronically seen before. The company was given ample opportunity to ‘fess up and fix the system, but they of course never did.  They lied time and time again to anyone who would ask, likely believing they were too powerful to be caught.

So here’s your chance to find out exactly what Facebook has from you.

Here’s how it’s done, for those who still may be huddled in their cave hoping they somehow escaped notice.

Trust me. You didn’t.









So after downloading my information file from Facebook, a process that took several times as the file created an error as if to mock me, here’s a few things that become apparent.

As expected, every single keystroke I have ever made on FB has been recorded. Every download, every communication, everything. Even if you didn’t post it, they still have it.

– As I have been almost ADD-esque in what I release under any circumstance, I have been unable to find any damaging private information that could be used as compromising. Granted, I’m not done yet.

– I have never used a Facebook app. Ever. Those are the insidious information grabbers. Those of you with “Cow Clicker” and such in your past, you’re screwed.

– I have never purchased anything via Facebook. Again, no credit card, no addresses to grab, no financial information. Those who have used the various apps, you are really on your own. Again, you’re screwed. It’s all out there.

– There is information there advertisers could and no doubt use. Then again, I rarely if ever click on a FB ad. The ones I have clicked on are from reputable businesses. Then again, just the mere fact I clicked gives data miners a glimpse into the products and services I prefer.

– All of my contacts are there. It no doubt riffed through my email accounts and grabbed certain info. Almost every phone number I have has been saved by FB.

– Every single post I have ever made dating back to 2008 has been recorded. In this manner they can see all your friends, everyone you have ever written to, what you have shared with them and talked about. Yes, I did find a few of the threats also sent to me I had long forgotten. It’s all right there.
Let’s get to brass tacks.
Facebook is a business. It is not a public service. It is not a place that has to be fair nor reasonable. The terms and conditions are right there for anyone to read.

Here’s what you agreed to. Now start thinking twice about ever hitting “I ACCEPT” on anything. All that fine print is there and purposely confusing for a specific reason.

They know you will never read it. And even if you did, you wouldn’t be concerned about anything dangerous because you NEED this service. You WANT this service. You cannot LIVE without it. That’s what they’re banking on.

As I noted about Facebook from the first day, there should NEVER be any expectation of privacy. A “private message” is still using a platform that is NOT private. Anything you put here you should expect could be stolen.
Did Facebook cross a line? Of course. They used our data for profitable purposes. However, again, this is a private business and is not here for the “common good of mankind”.


Kirk Walters, editorial cartoonist from “The Toledo Blade” put it best.





The sharing and sale of material to political entities was, to me, always a given. Why it shocks anyone is beyond me.
There is nothing private on the Internet. Nothing. Zero. Once it leaves your desktop, phone, laptop, pad, it is being transmitted over electronic lines that can and will be compromised. Why is that so hard for some people to grasp?


Once you’ve agreed to the “Terms of Service”, once it has been transmitted, you lose all rights to claim “you didn’t know what would happen” or “how could something I wrote 7 years ago, or 7 seconds ago, live forever???”

Allow me to close with what has become my new mantra about the media, your brand, your image, and a sound media strategy.

Don’t be a sucker.