The first question often asked during seminars, keynote speeches, and personal appearances is simple.

“What exactly IS ‘Always Be Closing”?

It’s not a new phrase, not really a very unique one. Sales professionals have been using it since the snake got a call from Beelzebub to have a conversation with Eve & Adam. In essence, it speaks to the moment you meet, talk to, negotiate, chat up, call it what you will with someone in a professional situation, to always be working toward closing the deal. Whatever that deal is.

I take it another step. I take this to a personal level, believing that every chance we have to be in connection with another person, we have a chance to create a solid opinion of who we are, showing a level of confidence and leadership. Every time. No exception.

Years ago I used to teach leadership courses and frankly, I was bored. So were the audiences. There are SO many people who think they know what it takes to be a leader, yet they never involved the concept of SELLING YOURSELF.

Because, you see, we are ALL salespeople. We are selling ourselves in very situation. We are selling who we are, what we are, who we can be, how we can be trusted, our level of integrity, and what we can do in a business or a friendship relationship.

Let’s talk about image.

Why Your Image Matters

Through the years these men have been the epitome of class and grace. Sure, they may talk a little trash now and then when a reporter makes the inevitable phone call to one of them after the team has lost it’s first game, but they have held their heads high over the decades. Proud of their accomplishment, proud of themselves, something more important comes through year after year.

To this day they are proud to be part of that team effort. They give credit to others for helping them stand on this lofty perch. They never waver in their dedication to one another, the men who led them into battle, and the manner in which they conducted themselves.

This is the image we all need to strive for each and every day.

You need to strive for an image that keeps yourself above the fray when others around you turn sullen, jealous and angry. You must strive for an image that honestly conveys that you are the best at what you do no matter what anyone says or intimates. One that understands there is nothing in this world that is given to you because you are the one that must put in the hard, and sometimes onerous, work to reach your potential.

There is a simple phrase I use in every presentation, in every discussion, and in every individual moment, whether I’m speaking to someone not yet in high school or to those who lead tens of thousands of employees in global corporations:

There is nothing more important than your image. Absolutely nothing.

The Most Important Things In Your Control

There are people who will revel in your failures. These people use you and your skills to forward their careers and their egos, instead of understanding the need to work together and succeed together. What you do follows you through life. You, therefore, must strive to work on your craft and your image every single day.

You are in control of your image every moment of every day. You are in control of how you practice integrity, responsibility, accountability and honesty.

You must be laser-focused on what YOU do every day and not be concerned about what others do around you, how they affect you, or the path they are taking.

You, therefore, are the only one who has that opportunity within our grasp to check off another day undefeated in your ethics, your experience, and your integrity; to know you have done everything possible to be the best there is at what you do.

Be like legendary sports championship teams. They work together and celebrate their accomplishments. They bring EACH OTHER together into a unit that closes the deal with victory.

They stand on their accomplishments and image without having to ballyhoo their efforts because, in the end, their character speaks for themselves.

This is the essence of “Always Be Closing”, one that I believe lies within us all. And once understood and accepted, this message will drive you to heights you never dared before dream. It can become a daily part of your life.

All you have to do is want it, and then convince yourself you can close the deal.