Republicans have every right to be supremely confident that Donald Trump will be re-elected.

I received a note this morning from a staunchly Democratic friend which read, “We got this in the bag”.


Most of the reputable polls are leaning in favor of Joe Biden. I’m told by friends who are forced to suffer life inside the Beltway every day that there are at least 4 senior GOP Senators preparing speeches for the days that follow this election being made official that will excoriate Trump for his mismanagement and reckless destruction of their Party. The right wing, heavily biased, and without question lacking in ethics or fact checking illegitimate press ballyhoos every rally, every rumor, every laughable and already discredited “BREAKING NEWS” report that points to Trump being supremely comfortable he won’t be going anywhere. If, indeed, he ever would decide to leave if voted out. 

There is, as one might expect and call the norm, a loud level of chest thumping on both sides about having this election “in the bag”.

Excuse me. Point of order. 

Has anyone checked the legacy of Thomas Dewey? Asked Hillary Clinton? Ruminated over a cup of java with Al Gore? Do the names Joe Crowley, Eric Cantor, Martha Coakley, or Henry Clay ring the upset bell?

The American voter is fickle, unpredictable, and more than ready to give a phony answer to pollsters. That is, of course, if the person conducting the pollis even real or who they say they are. Here in the age of disinformation, everyone has either already attained the Master Class designation or is quickly on their way toward becoming a leader in lies. 

We are, on the average, a lazy and disinterested culture. Many of us believe the internet is a rock solid disseminator of factual information. We believe and eagerly fall for pronouncements made by candidates at the debate podium because they sound so sincere or can lash their forked tongue with a soul-rattling ease. We gleefully fall for pictures and video of yachts and other watercraft parading up and down local waterways as an absolute symbol of victory in numbers. We do all this without expecting nor asking for a factual life jacket to be tossed our way because we revel at drowning in what makes us feel good as we dip under the intellectual waves for a final time. 

Why are we so gullible? That’s easy. Fact checking takes too much time. We can’t be bothered. We have no patience or, here it comes again, too lazy to understand from where factual information is emanating and that line where propaganda flourishes.

So then, we fall for the memes, the altered documents, the photoshopped pictures, and the stories that quote elected officials who have failed to tell the truth about their involvement in college rape scandals as cemented fact. 

All of which feeds into the level of overconfidence that has America in its talons at the moment. 

The fault lies with no one but our own. When this election is over and the count is verified, there will be howls and promises of retribution. 

Bellowing that needs to be used at full volume while the individual stares intently into a mirror. 

America has become a land of easy marks. Those walking about with the shells and beans in their pocket are at the moment running this nation, as they know we are a nation gullible to the point of believing anything.

It’s because we don’t watch closely, we often have neither the desire nor simple common sense to see the con right in front of our eyes, and as long as we think we know how the sleight of hand is performed, we’re satisfied in always being one step ahead of the carnival barker and his monkey. 

So here, America. Have another peanut as the con artists fleece you of every intellectual penny you have. 

It’s all in the bag.