Not merely in Washington D.C., but in every nook and argumentative cranny of America, we are a nation divided by color. In this instance, I speak about the colors of Red and Blue. Never before has America so purposely and, almost with a vengeance, sliced and diced itself into distinct pieces. The battle is so intense and deliberate there are times I think the legendary lyricist pundit Tom Lehrer should take time to recon his brilliant “National Brotherhood Week”, which wouldn’t take too much tinkering to make it a 21st century icon.

There is, however, another color that needs to be mixed into this pathetic palate following the second Donald Trump Impeachment extravaganza.

Brilliant, demonstrative, glorious, tell-tale yellow. 

The color of cowardice. 

Did anyone, I mean anyone of any stripe, believe for one millisecond, that Mitch McConnell would not vote to acquit Donald Trump in the impeachment trial? No offense, but for those who had that inkling, time for a saliva test and brainwave scan.

McConnell is the political version of the wiley cockroach that knows when to scurry just before, and when the light does, eventually land on him. Tha “leaked” report that he was thinking of voting against the former President in this trial was nothing more than an inside job, a backhanded buffet for the media masses to gorge themselves on. The derision of Trump after casting his vote to acquit the former President was, again, nothing more than a calculated media move designed to throw the wolves, and angry constituents, off his scent. 

C’mon, you didn’t really fall for that corn pone, good ‘ole boy, slap on the back, sour mash, excretory release, did you?

Our politics of 2021 is, and has been for years, all about bias and partisanship on every and all sides. Democrats would rather be inflicted with bleeding sores over 100% of their body than acquiesce to anything Republican. Contrarily, Republicans would rather be torn apart by wild bollweevils and then boiled in acid before doing anything that would benefit Democrats.

Sure, there were some in the GOP who sided with the Democrats in this trial. Look at who they are and their current position. Most, if not all, are positioned perfectly to lose their right wing base and move on, professionally and monetarily. It’s not as if Mitt Romney is all that worried about making the mortgage payments next month.

No one does anything to cross their political belief solely out of conscience. At least, that’s what we’ve seen play out before our eyes for more than a few years and Administrations. 

It’s all about opportunity, brand marketing, potential earnings and a next career step. Racism, greed, sexism, arrogance, fear, hatred, disinformation, propaganda, all the real coin of the current political realm in DC. Even those the left ballyhoos as “artists of change” such as AOC, Omar, Pressley, Tlaib and the rest have shown absolutely no intent to compromise. That’s not a slam on any of them, who are all following their conscience and doing what they believe is right to fix a badly broken nation.

It is, however, stark reality. To show even the slightest sign of conciliation, reconciliation, compromise or even sharing a cup of java in the Congressional Tea Room is a sign of debilitating weakness. 

There will be those reading this who will lash out and claim I am missing the fact that compromise is anathema to Republicans and “they started it”. More invectives than solutions. I don’t give a damn who started it. I merely seek to find solutions, and I certainly don’t see any greater numbers other than miniscule amount of elected officials who honestly want to be bold and brave.

We are sadly, and have been for some time, a nation where many have the spinal cord of jello. There is little doubt that’s red jello at the moment, as the preponderance of Republican lawmakers are proving Donald Trump to be prescient. The man who once intoned he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and get away with it must have, at one time, cut a deal with Dr. Steven Strange for momentary use of the Time Stone.

Trump nailed that prediction. He also nailed the prediction that Hell or high water, the majority of Red Rum imbibers wouldn’t stop drinking from his trough of swill. 

Politicians who proudly and cowardly refuse to take unpopular stands. Those who trade in racism and hate that cannot even when exposed apologize and seek to make good on their mistakes. Cult followers who have been revealed to be part of the problem tearing America apart yet only apologize when they find their purses threatened.

They are not just going to fade away. They are, perhaps along with their followers, now more powerful than ever. 

There are among us a larger segment of political cowards then at any other time in American history. American politics has become little more than entrenched warfare, where it’s mostly about winning for ego than winning for all the people. Until that changes, until there is a true groundswell to strike out and challenge systemic drawn lines of political demarcation, the merry-go-round will spin, the music will play, and we will be at each other’s throats.

Blue. Red. Yellow. 

Only the individual can change the tune, whether by agreeing that we all cannot all get what we want and there has to be some give and take, or by seeking to engender those values in those we place into positions of power.

Which color are you?