We are well past time to boycott anything and everything connected with the despicable sexist, insulting and lowbrow idiocy that is “Barstool Sports”. We are also well past time for any reputable organization, in this case SiriusXM, to cut all ties with an organization that has women fearful of being sexually assaulted.
Dave Portnoy, the founder and gang master of this mentally rancid boys club, has made a fortune with his meandering written and broadcast dumpster fire, appealing to what can only be counted as the lowest form of mental belly-crawling intellect on Earth. Where the apologists seek to avoid the obvious by trying to characterize what he and his minions do as “edgy”, that’s a misnomer. “Edgy” puts a spin on something with intelligence and creativity. What Portnoy and his band of back alley mental miscreants do is neither smart nor takes a lot of thinking to create.
A case here in reference to this article and HBO investigation can be made that the women who work for “Barstool Sports” knew what they were getting in to. If they didn’t, then they are as intellectually vacuous as the rest of the audience. They did so for a paycheck, for the fame, to be heard on a wide ranging platform. They shoveled self-esteem into their back pockets and became part of the most sexually insulting and female-abusing program on any form of radio today.
Sports talk has always sought to attract and thrive on the audience of males from 18-35. I say males because in the case of “Barstool Sports”, aptly identified by their initials “BS”, there are few actual men in that mix. Their audience, as proven time and time again with their own words whether written or spoken, is a vile mix of disdain for women, open hatred for alternative lifestyles, racist undertones that would make one believe there are more than a few white hood aficionados in the audience, and a guttural lowering of the mental bar while remaining anonymous in their clown car hate for anything not white, male and given a platform of hate.
As a SiriusXM subscriber, and knowing personally some of the excellent radio broadcasters who work for the company in management roles, I can only hope they will come to their senses and banish this pestilence from their airwaves. No amount of money is worth being attached to these cretins, if for no other reason than the abject fear felt by women.

Women who are too afraid to even use their name or likeness in talking about a connection with Portnoy and BS.

Think about that for a moment. This isn’t misogyny. This is abject fear. 

Of course, this is all boils down, as usual, to money. SiriusXM makes money by carrying the BS program. Portnoy and BS make more money every time their name is mentioned, even here in a negative connotation. Even the Boston Bruins, an organization I know very well and have been a rooting fan of for many years, didn’t seem to care about taking that BS money for a promotion this season. Wonder how the women in the audience would react if they knew they were swinging a piece of cloth emblazoned with the name of a company that other women were in fear of, and the producers of a radio broadcast that had at one time called a national female sportscaster a “****ing slut”.

A line has to be drawn somewhere.

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about BS. The last time, I was subjected to numerous threats and  promises of retaliation by those who were either fans of the show or employees. Each one, for the record, recorded and in the hands of an attorney with instructions to act should something unforeseen happen to me or my family.

Portnoy and his gang of bullies and pretend thugs have crossed it more than once, and the time has indeed come to flush this verbal and textual excrement once and for all.