Every morning, without fail, I open up my various social media pages to ascertain the state of the world and my little corner of it. Every single morning these last few weeks, without fail, it’s more of the eye-rolling same.

Every page has a new hammer to drive on Donald Trump’s handling of the COVID19 crisis. Don’t get me wrong. He’s earned every single knot in his figurative noggin for it. Trump’s handling of the pandemic that has shut America nearly down to immobile, aided and abetted by the dark comedy known as his daily press briefings, prove the man is inept at a level that hasn’t been witnessed since someone decided bucket brigades could handle any fire in San Francisco. It’s to the point where when no one is looking or listening, put your figurative ear to the ground and you can even hear members of his cult quietly admitting he’s complicit in the disaster.

However, I think the time has come to stop taking the bait tossed by the bulbous one and start turning our focus elsewhere. A bit more introspective, and a whole lot more thoughtful of what will happen in the coming weeks, months and years.

Yes. Years. We’ll be feeling the ripples of this well into the 2030’s and beyond. Economic, certainly. Emotionally, without question.

A good starting point to move on is the brilliant and comprehensive article written by David Frum in “The Atlantic”. More than anything else written or reported, this is the ultimate road map to the manner and mismanagement with which Trump and his henchmen drove America right off the cliff into a sea of unpreparedness. Start or finish a debate on the subject? Go to the link. Slam down hard on the usual fumbling fraud from the far right media clown shows? Read it verbatim. Of course, they’ll spit back at you it’s “fake news”, which is the standard invective phrase tossed about at the same mental level of those who as children would say, “I know you are, but what am I???”

“Amusement” is the unfortunate word when I read how those on the cult-ish right attack those on the cult-ish left about Frum, and how he is most certainly nothing more than a “libtard media plant” meant to besmirch the President.

Frum was a member of the George W. Bush administration, is the individual who coined the phrase “axis of evil”, and has been an occasional champion of the Republican cause. His books include “Comeback: Conservatism that can Win Again” and “Why Romney Lost (and what the GOP can do about it)”. In other words, this is no liberal.

Now there is a definite mark in the sand regarding Trump and his deleterious mismanagement. Could there be more? Certainly, and likely so. Wait until we get past this nightmare and people, such as real investigative journalists and the Congressional committees just salivating at the time to get started, are on a roll about everything that happened and didn’t happen under the hood.

That will occur. However, for right now, we might be better served as a nation looking ahead to how we, those of us at the job line, put things back together in these coming months. In the wake of 9/11, we locked arms and brought a necessary sense of “esprit de corps” to America in spite of the wartime brain droppings being fed us by an Administration that was determined to go to war, no matter what.

I’m not saying it’s time for Pollyanna. I’m hoping that at least for a time, we can stop taking the rotting bait Trump tosses out every single day. He’s got us bashing each other on anything and everything, which is all part of his insidious plan. Keep the masses fighting, and he’ll be able to keep the cult happy and maybe even slide by in November.

Democrats, you won’t change any Republican minds at the moment. Same goes for Republicans tossing bombs at the other side. Leave this idiocy regarding who is correct and who is wrong on hydrochloroquine, (a perfect “look over here” trump misdirection play), as fodder for another day. It’s just not worth the energy expenditure. Smart people will read the opinions and facts from those who do it for a living. The mentally deficient on issues such as these will verbally flail away at how wonderful it is based on complete nonsense.

Indeed, you can’t fix stupid. But we can back down on the public rhetoric long enough, and precisely enough, to allow the really smart people among us stand out and prepare for the real game changers that are coming.

Be smarter than the rest. Or, as I like to always say and write, “Don’t be a sucker”.