FOX News, and their parent corporation, have in the paraphrased words of Ricky Ricardo speaking to his wife in the classic sitcom, “I Love Lucy”, a “lot of ‘splaining to do”.

In recent years, I have taken a hard stand against those who lie, push propaganda, revel in their ability to be leaders in disinformation, all for a buck. Where once I was employed by one of the disinformation “news” organization leaders, the toll is took on my conscience was a heavy payment, professionally and personally. I have thus sought to comment, and to inform both the general public and those I work with and for, on the inaccuracies and lies being perpetrated every day upon a public that needs to have a clearer vision of what they are being fed by the clickbait media, and those who like to consider themselves legitimate press.

To be certain, segments of every news and media organization have brought it upon themselves, as the Columbia Journalism Review points out here. There is a simmering and, at times, esplosive distrust of news organizations in America. Upon closer inspection, when and how it all began is easy to discern. The true groundswell started with one company, one organization, and one intent to subvert news reporting for nothing but fortune. 

The case of FOX News and murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich has long been in the craw of legitimate news professionals. In a cavalier manner, without evidence, and with no other aim than to curry favor with certain businessmen, politicans and their followers for ratings and profit, FOX News decimated Rich’s reputation in death. They destroyed his family for a phony story. They inflicted egregious mental anguish on a Mother who had lost her child. They knowingly lied about a dead man for their own nefarious needs, and the needs of one political party.

FOX News has from the outset sought to cover up their involvement in this story, and the trail that leads from Seth Rich to the White House insurrection riots of January 6th. From the management on down, one would be excused for concluding they are complicit in the destruction of individual lives, and the carnage that rained down upon the Nation’s Capitol. There are truly no side roads to be taken here. There is but one path, and the coverup by FOX management, producers, reporters and other staff members has forever left a dark mark on America, and certainly on legitimate journalism.

I have been hired to speak about such things in my “Mastering the Media” course, and to my surprise, even in front of hard core Republican audiences. I find a good number of people willing to listen to reason and consider facts, often those which they are never told by the likes of FOX and their brethren. For instance, the audience member who contacted me days later after a recent appearance asking, “why haven’t I heard about these things you raised in your speech before that moment?” My answer to that revealing question was, “because you’re not opening your mind to other possibilities, and you are being duped by those who accept that you and those like you are, in their opinion, not intelligent enough to seek any other line than what they feed you”.

That’s all true, and a story for another day.

What FOX has done in connection with the Rich case is telling indeed about who they are, what they stand for, and the level of propaganda they have gone to, and will continue to explore, all for the sake of profit.

They do indeed believe many people are simply too far down the intellectual scale to look any deeper into stories, other than what is fed them. As a FOX sales exec told me not long ago, “most of our viewers are as dumb as dishwater, and we like it that way”.

I suggest everyone consider multiple outlets for comparison opinions, and realize how you are being used by FOX, OANN, Breitbart, Newsmax, PJ Media, Levin, Limbaugh, Shapiro and the rest. To them, the bulk of their followers are suckers.

Certainly, there are multiple outlets in the political mirror from those outlets and those who believe as they do. However, my experiences, ones I speak to with clarity and specific examples, reveals a much greater desire to actually educate and inform from a beginning position of fact.

Life is too short to be used in such a manner, and far too short to allow yourself to be part of such crippling hatred and fear.