From Award Winning Authors to National Entertainers. From leading Medical Experts to Political Pundits.

Join our clients for your next step in social, broadcast and digital brand marketing & PR.

Join your host, Emmy Award winning broadcaster and Entourage Media LLC CEO Ed Berliner for an in-depth preview of “The Arena Media Project”.

The exclusive and affordable step to a new level of targeted digital results in social, digital, broadcast and every form of media brand marketing.

2020 taught every business a critical message. You must have a solid online presence. You must utilize highly produced, unique video content. You must multi-purpose everything for social, digital, broadcast and web media. You must cut through the noise with something special.


“The Arena Media Project’ is the same format and proprietary software used to produce the award winning video and audio syndicated 1 on 1 interview show, “The Man in the Arena”, with recent broadcast episodes available here on our website and here at our You Tube page.

Complete every facet of your marketing, public relations and brand effort by adding the power of broadcast quality video in a production package no other company provides with guaranteed results. A company led by an Emmy Award winning Host, Producer and corporate CEO responsible for the creation of 7 broadcast networks.

“The Arena Media Project” features:

  • Pre-production of all necessary graphics, pictures, videos and materials used in the broadcast.
  • All shows produced to Facebook Live, You Tube Live, recorded for upload to all necessary sites including client website.
  • Ed Berliner hosting a show designed to fit a specific time limit and target specific topics and points of company/personal interest.
  • All you need is a computer, Internet, Skype,a good microphone and audio. We’ll walk you thru everything.
  • No expensive camera/audio crews. No satellite uplink. No transport to a studio. No use of encrypted services seeking to steal your data.
  • Transfer of all shows to podcast audio and upload to targeted platforms.
  • Distribution on all social media channels including the editing of programs into smaller timed pieces for promotional use as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, You Tube and other social media outlets.
  • Targeted distribution to broadcast networks, web sites and print outlets seeking experts and analysts for free marketing.
  • Coaching for interviewees in being prepared to present and answer all questions and speak on topics for top PR & marketing use.

The videos on this page will spark your ideas. Pick up a phone and call us to fill in all the answers and get you started right away. Most of our clients begin production within 24 hours.

“The Arena Media Project” is not the future. It’s here. Right now.