Fake rape & the Texas teen: Prison beckons for one lie


Many of you will recall we discussed and covered in-depth the story of Texas teenager Breana Talbott and her lie about being the victim of rape back in March of this year. It was a hard lesson in the use and misuse of social media, but an even more important lesson about lying. The incident also spoke to the cavalier attitude a good part of society, especially the younger part of that society, have when it comes to either being completely unaware of the damage they can do to others with words and actions, or simply not giving a damn whom they hurt.

Breana Talbott was 18 years of age when she accused three black men of raping her, set a town and State on fire, brought out the ugliest part of so many people willing to believe it without any proof, and took any possible chance at a respectable life and chucked it all away.

For what? Excitement? Racist pleasure? Fifteen minutes of fame at the expense of innocent people?


Talbott is back in the news and now facing the possibility of spending her formative adult years behind bars.



Around the world, for the rest of her life, Breana Talbott will be remembered as the girl who cried “rape” and ignited a racial storm of hate.

And while an indictment is not a conviction of guilt, she will never escape this hateful reputation.

In our society, it is in some cases impossible for a woman to suffer the indignities of rape and sexual assault and have people believe her. Far too often there are the despicable and evil among us who will always first think she has to be lying or stretching the truth. The actions of someone like Breana Talbott only makes it tougher for the real victims to not merely be believed, but to seek justice.

Not only does she destroy her own image, but the stats have shown over and over again that incidents such as this further the idea of making the victim the one who must be lying.

She treated rape as a joke.


No matter where she goes, no matter what she seeks to do with the rest of her life, it will be easy for everyone for the rest of time to Google her name and learn what she did and how casually she lied.

All of which could have been avoided if she didn’t lie. It’s that simple.

What happens in a case like this is, not only does a prospective employer know how easily she lied to the police, they can also uncover with one click how easily she lied to everyone, including her parents.

Breana Talbott's mother led to believe her rape was true











One lie is all it can take to destroy your image, your personal and professional brand. In this case, it turned into a legal matter and she will be punished. In your case, perhaps all it will cost you is a job. Maybe the one you’ve wanted your entire life.

Lying about where the Hanukkah or Christmas gifts are is one thing. Lying in order to cover up a mistake while destroying the reputation of innocents is unforgivable. Doing it in such an insulting and racist manner is despicable.

Don’t lie.

Get it?