For months now, Donald Trump has been ballyhooing that he made the call to close America’s borders to China, long before anyone else made the suggestion, in order to protect these shores from COVID-19. It has become yet another staple of his various press conferences, where once he runs out of original material to address the actual question, he vaults into the flights of fancy his followers gobble up as if they were Pac-Man on a hunger games pass.

Thanks to the diligent digging and reporting from one of the world’s most trusted news sources, we learn the facts. 

It’s either a bold-faced lie or exaggeration. Either way, like so many of Trump’s claims, it’s simply not true.

A report from Reuters, citing sources within the Trump Administration, note the President had been told with weeks of warning about what could happen if those infected from China were allowed in the United States. The National Security Council made it very clear that action needed to be taken in December.

However, due to infighting within the Trump Administration, a mannerism the legitimate press has linked to so many mistakes and lies emanating from this White House, no formative action was taken.

According to this Reuters reports, had Trump actually taken action when he was warned, there is indeed a chance, a chance, that America could have been spared some of the effects of the coronavirus. Instead, it was a month where no moves were made, and within that month, the individual known as “Patient Zero” entered the United States.

Of course, as I write this commentary on 6 April, you won’t find this report from one of the most legitimate news sources in the world on the websites of right-wing Administration mouthpieces such as FOX News, Newsmax, OAN, Breitbart, PJ Media, The Daily Caller, or any of the other honestly phony news sources.

They are also missing the story today that while the President boasts he has taken great strides to keep American safe from those possibly infected, almost half a million people have entered the United States since that initial warning was handed to the White House.

The truth is out there. Seek, and you will uncover it without much difficulty. It is then up to you in deciding what you wish to do with the facts, while being faced with fiction.