Speaking as one who appears before numerous aspiring media professionals, the coverage today of Donald Trump’s incomplete tweet is embarrassing and ridiculous. Every morning show spending an inordinate and unnecessary amount of time on what is an absolutely inane “non-story”, mostly because they are kissing up to a segment of the audience that wants nothing more than gossip in their news beverage.

A greater reason for this is the 24/7 news cycle that has producers everywhere desperate to find something, ANYTHING, to fill what would otherwise be dead air.

Better to fill the space with any number of “per inquiry” commercial spots selling everything from liquid spray-on plastic coating to portable soiled baby diaper incineration units. Or just put the scripts containing any mention of this in with the diapers.

Doing live shots from the WH lawn about “covfefe”? Trying to interpret what was being said? Having this as a lead-off part of a panel discussion featuring the usual blustering heads? The only thing that truly shocked me was I didn’t see someone bring on a linguistics expert as guest to dissect every letter and syllable with regard to ancient terran language.

There used to be a time when those in charge of newsrooms and news programs would look at something like this and loudly say “NEXT!” It’s bumbling nonsense such as this that gives legit press the bad name they sometimes deserve.

Let the clickbait web media, the true “fake news” obsess on this idiocy. Real journalists and well produced news programs can do better than watered down pablum for the masses. Those seeking to make any form of journalism their vocation needs to learn from this and understand how incredibly bad the leadership can be in newsrooms depending on which faction of society they choose to snuggle up to.