Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
WHY are people so angry at athletes standing up, seeking justice, & do more than just play a game?

It seems no matter where you turn, there is a level of fierce anger at professional athletes for taking a social justice stand and delaying a few games. The NBA, NHL, MLB, WNBA and MLS all decided making a point about violence in America at the moment was more important than a mere game. For that, they are in many corners being excoriated. WHY? It’s just a game or two. It’s people exercising their Constitutional rights of opinion. No one is being hurt by these actions, save for some inconvenience. What does this anger say about the American sports fan? Do we have more of a life than just games? Have the athletes gone too far? Welcome back attorney and former player agent Joe Casale, “The Smartest Man in the Room”, for a no-holds barred discussion of sports, fans and race relations. Another hard knocks episode brought to you by Ed Berliner, “The Man in the Arena”.