Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
What do Demi Lovato, "The View", and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot have in common? Here's the "news".

The single biggest issue driving America toward a level of empty-headedness we have never before witnessed is the inability of people, and platforms, to separate real news from fluffy nonsense. Demi Lovato’s reveal this week was not news to be carried by legitimate sources. While it was important to a faction of people, and certainly snared Lovato plenty of attention, clicks and new sources of revenue, it was not real news. Oh, and don’t start the debate by saying anyone who says that is criticizing her for a lifestyle. That’s NOT the point here, people. Speaking of clickbait, why in the name of #2 pencils would anyone believe anything on the hen-cackling dribble that are shows like “The View” to be anything close to news? It’s all nonsense and often ill-educated clickbait opinion that, once again, does not need to be covered as REAL NEWS. Which brings us to Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and what should received national attention. In order to cover up her inadequacies and failures, she has engaged in what can only be described as First Amendment racism, and smart people, smart journalists, are not letting her off the hook. Buckle up as Emmy Award winning news and sportscaster Ed Berliner deals another mindful episode of “The Man in the Arena: Mastering the Media”.