Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
Vaccine stupid. NFL drops the COVID19 hammer. Pelosi gaffe? The 75 year old Playboy bunny.

The head shaking fact that some people still won’t touch a vaccine that could keep them, and others, from dying. The NFL sets new COVID19 guidelines that could, and maybe should, ripple across all sports and every business. Did Nancy Pelosi get caught in a right wing trap over the January 6th hearings? And just how good can a 75 year old look in a Playboy Bunny outfit? THESE scintillating issues and more on deck for the latest episode of “Free 4 All”, where there is never a filter, never an edit, always your text message reactions, and no censorship. NO fooling. I’m joined by “The Commish” Randy Gordon, veteran comedian and diehard Yankees Fan Gene Merola, and the excellent sports journalist from Central Florida, George Diaz. The Dolly bit is priceless. So is our take on the growing American stupidity. ALL SHOWS also on every major podcast platform. All I ask is that you subscribe and join us. Let’s rock.