Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
Vaccinate or walk. Bile on Biles from the usual right wing wingnuts. No #MAGA in hockey!
Get vaccinated or go home, and it’s about time. How do comics find anything funny these days? Right wing racists and the usual dipsticks show blathering ignorance about #SimoneBiles. NO MAGA in the #NHL. THESE scintillating issues and more on deck today for the latest episode of “Free 4 All”, where there is never a filter, never an edit, always your text message reactions, and no censorship. NO fooling. Join me at 3pmET/12pmPT today (7/27) LIVE across social media as the quartet includes Newsday columnist, author and brilliant commentator Ellis Henican, NY Times best selling author and craft beer aficionado Nick Tate, and the “Cougar of Comedy” Jillie Reil. ALL SHOWS are posted to YouTube for later viewing, and ALL SHOWS are on every major podcast platform. SUBSCRIBE and be part of the fastest growing intelligent band of misfits in America.
Let’s rock.