Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
Trouble in the US Military ranks: Scurrilous attacks by Donald Trump & growing White Supremacy
There’s a ground shaking upheaval and concern within the US military at the moment. President Donald Trump continues his vicious and personal attacks on those who serve, now going after leaders in the Pentagon and accusing them of war profiteering. Meantime, one little TikTok video has against raised the fear of more white supremacy within the ranks, with leadership doing almost nothing to tamp down what has been a long standing problem. Why must Trump so belittle those who serve so proudly? Why has white nationalism been allowed to fester? And what does this say about the future of leadership in the American military? My guest is retired Army Colonel Jeffrey McCausland, former Dean at the US War College and former member of the National Security Council. We dig deep into serious issues that all point o failed leadership, especially at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Lace up the gloves and become part of “The Man in the Arena”.