Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
Time to stop saying "Happy" with regard to Memorial Day, and here are the simple reasons why.

VP Kamala Harris started a firestorm with her tweet ignoring the meaning of Memorial Day and tossing it off as a “long weekend”. It was insensitive, short-sighted, and a mistake she and her staff hopefully now realize. It opens the door to a larger issue, that of wishing people a “Happy” Memorial Day. It’s just as wrong, and without knee jerking, take a few minutes and understand why we would be better suited to consider other words in connection with the holiday, that means so much more to so many people other than hot dogs and picnics. Emmy Award winning broadcaster Ed Berliner is deeply connected to this emotional issue, and would like everyone to consider taking a step back and thinking twice about being “Happy” on this day. There’s much more to consider in this episode of “The Man in the Arena: Speaking of Everything”.