Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
The thriving American "civil war", racist Florida, Despicable in Delray Beach & CHILI WARS

“Free 4 All”nils all the buttons in a powerful episode that dares a good part of America to pay attention and admit they are on the wrong side of history. Ed Berliner welcomes prolific author Steve Kettman, veteran network PBO announcer Dave LaMont, and veteran TV & Film actor Dave Corey for a rousing hour plus.What the despicable verbal racist attack against an Asian restaurant owner in Florida teaches us about a portion of society that will seemingly never surrender their evil. The lessons from former MLB reporter Pedro Gomez before he left us too soon. A plea for the return to some sense of normalcy aided by a spiritual guide. And the CHILI WARS, as Ed rips into a national chile chain only to have one of his guests come to verbal blows over Skyline Chili. The only show with the mantra of no filter, no editing, no censorship and no fooling. Hang tight as the quarter entertains, engages and enrages again another rocking episode of “Free 4 All”.