Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
The shredding of Tucker Carlson, the Newsmax lie, more Sinclair bias, and other true "fake news".

Honest to goodness “fake news” has been with America long before COVID19 got here, but the arrival of this natural disaster of our era has caused a full blown upheaval in the amount of lies, propaganda,, misinformation and fraud from certain media factions than ever before. As usual, it’s the ones screaming about “fake news” who are the ones perpetrating it on a gullible public. Ed Berliner is a 30+ year career broadcast journalist and seen it all, but NOTHING like this. Watch as he eviscerates Tucker Carlson, Newsmax, and Sinclair Broadcasting with facts. There’s also proof that hockey CAN save the day, and a new edition of Found on Facebook”. It’s all right here on this new edition of “The Man in the Arena”.