Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
"The Press Corps": Trump faithful questioning lies, BLM & Antifa fact checks, why COVID19 is raging.

A report on Trump followers who seem to be considering the possibility that their President has been lying to them. Watch as Tucker Carlson gets tossed off his game by fellow FOX contributor Brit Hume. A pair of fact checks, one regarding Trump’s border wall, and the other digging deeper into claims of Antifa and Black Lives Matter being part of the insurgency at the DC riots. Who is really to blame for the rapid spread of #COVID19 in California? In sports, the NHL season is opening and the NBA season is already a mess. Finally, a story of life, where one woman has rediscovered her voice, thanks to someone else who decided to give a gift when passing on. Real reporters. Real news. Fact based opinions. This is “The Press Corps”.