Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
The Press Corps: LSU athletics chooses coverup over stopping sexual assault

College athletics has a long and despicable history of covering up crimes by their coaches and players in order to keep cashing fat conference and television contract checks. Louisiana State University is just the latest, but certainly the most blatant, in how they seek to change the subject when it comes to their athletes taking part in sexual assault. That’s only part of the story, as local Louisiana media is more than happy to assist in the coverup, proving games and scores are more important that sexual assault. That’s the lede story on this edition of “The Press Corps”, as Ed Berliner also presents Hall of Fame baseball player and former teammate to Pete Rose, Johnny Bench, with candid comments about whether Rose belongs in Cooperstown. “The Press Corps”, where factual reporting comes first, and solid intelligent commentary follows based on those facts.