The Press Corps: COVID19 deniers crushing frontline workers. Crushing the dumbest Masters GOAT argument ever.
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Those who continue to deny the dangerous and deadly facts of the COVID19 pandemic are at the forefront of the disinformation helping to crush the spirit and lives of America’s frontline medical workers. Overworked, emotionally beaten in watching so much illness and death, there seems to be no level of truly fake news these frauds will propagate as the nation gets sicker and our hospitals reach the breaking point. On to sports, where this years Masters tournament delivered a masterful performance from Dustin Johnson, followed by the most laughably hysterical conversation from phony “experts” about his status as a “Greatest of All Time”. Join Emmy Award winning journalist Ed Berliner as he hosts “The Press Corps”, the only program using real news from a worldwide network of real journalists, followed by intelligent and factual opinion.