Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
The NFL's COVID19 lies, Rays best story in MLB, why there is no connection between players and fans
The NFL’s 2020 season is a mini-disaster thanks to their ham-handed COVID19 approach, but let’s dig deeper. Is this the new “CTE” era, where the League is hiding all the facts and overlooking player safety just to keep cashing in? In MLB, the Tampa Bay Rays are the best World Series story, but are they good for the game? Let’s tackle the current state of sports media, which in many cases is nothing more than ridiculous HOT TAKES, bellowing and bluster from “LOOK AT ME!!!” phony experts, less real information and more trash. Is this the future of sports reporting, and has real storytelling been buried forever? Join me as I welcome NY Times best selling author Peter Golenbock and veteran Associated Press sportswriter Hal Bock into a new episode of “The Sports Reporters”, exclusively on “The Man in the Arena”.