Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
The NCAA con job on women's athletics. Why is Britt Reid not in jail? DeShaun Watson's "allegations" and the fact someone is lying.

The NCAA has been exposed again as the organization that could care less about student -athletes unless they ring the cash register. March Madness left them exposed, but why is anyone shocked? We’ve seen this con job for decades. Meantime, another con job brews in Kansas City, where a 5 year old girl will never have a normal life again, and the son of Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid is still walking the streets after crushing her life. Want to bet where he would be if he wasn’t the son of a Super Bowl winning coach? And then there’s the case of DeShaun Watson, who is either an innocent man being hammered by those seeking fame and fortune, or one of the sneakiest sexual predators professional sports has ever seen. Has anyone ever heard of the word “allegations”? Emmy Award winning sports and news anchor Ed Berliner has, and he digs into these issues with no holding back on this edition of “The Man in the Arena: Press Corp Sports”, where nothing is out of bounds. Be certain to download the audio version of every show by searching “Ed Berliner” on your favorite podcast platform, and watching every episode here on YouTube.