Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
The "N" Word: An end to white people's use & black people's misuse

There is not one single solo word in the English language that brings with it such passionate and angry discourse of racism and hate. Simply known as “the N word”, white people can’t understand why they shouldn’t be allowed to use it, and a section of black people can’t, or won’t  seem to understand the damage they do in making it part of their daily lexicon. Dr. Neal Lester has been teaching and speaking about the word for decades, educating people of every race about the history and the damage of this word. White people need to get a grip, and black people need to stop thinking there’s nothing wrong with their use of a word that has generations of evil intent. Join Emmy Award winning journalist Ed Berliner as he welcomes Dr. Lester to “The Man in the Arena” for a conversation that will ignite more than a few responses, and maybe even change some minds for the better.