Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
The MLB All-Star Game decision in light of the facts & a long history of racism in the game.

The Governor of Georgia is on fire with his take on recent voting legislation, but a deeper look into the actual law reveals he’s not being entirely truthful. There’s also the case for Major League Baseball, as they themselves are doing penance for a long and deep seated history of racism within their own ranks. It all culminated again in athletes doing what they believe is correct in seeking to change societal wrongs, and in the process, lighting again the fire for those who say sports has no business in politics when, in actuality, sports may do more for social change than any politician. Complicated issues with simple answers courtesy of Emmy Award winning sports commentator Ed Berliner in this special edition of “The Man in the Arena: The Press Box”, available on YouTube and on every major audio podcast platform.