Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
The magnificence of Marvelous Marvin, wanna-be broadcast dunces in Oklahoma, Damon & Leonard dunces

On this edition of “The Press Corps: Sports”, join Ed Berliner as he digs into the real news and then dished out the hard commentary. The mastery that was Marvelous Marvin Hagler, yet the one thing he repeated that may not have been so true. The fallout from the “N-word” high school “broadcaster” in Oklahoma proving that knucklehead wanna-be’s should never be allowed in front of a microphone. Why is Meyers Leonard still on the Miami Heat when he obviously is a grown man with the mind of a teenager? And we finish with Johnny Damon, a celebrated member of the Boston Red Sox “Band of Idiots” who seems bent on playing out that string for as long as he can. Sports from every corner of the globe, featuring real reporting and take no prisoners commentary. Welcome to “The Press Corps: Sports”.