Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
The Facebook trap, the Bond hardline, NFL lies and College Football spreaders at Alabama & UF

Time to open the phone lines on “The Man in the Arena” for our new national conversation episodes. Ed Berliner will be live and taking viewer/listener calls as the show also debuts on “live radio” via smartphones and several apps everyone has. Let’s get busy then with stories about the single greatest Facebook trap we all wind up falling into, why James Bond must never be female, (anything Bond makes for excellent debate, of course), the NFL still reaping the results of their decision to treat COVID19 like the common cold, a challenge to every baseball fan to prove why Tampa Bay shouldn’t be the new “America’s Team”, and why Nick Saban mat have just proved he’s skirting the rules like everyone else. Dial it up and let’s get to it on another live version of “The Man in the Arena”.