Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
The enduring mystery & legacy of the 1986 Boston Red Sox

1986 remains a year frozen in time for baseball fans, and specifically those of the Boston Red Sox. This was a truly magical season, one where a team given little shot at the World Series was pieced together brilliantly, and knowing full well their importance to an entire region and generations of loyal fans, this team did the impossible. Well, almost. There are those who believe there could never have been a Red Sox team that broke the “Curse of the Bambino” were it not for this 1986 team, and they well may be correct. Join Ed Berliner as he welcomes NY Times best selling author Erik Sherman into studio to talk about his new book, “Two Sides of Glory: The 1986 Boston Red Sox in their Own Words”, as he reveals the emotion behind these players decades later, and reveals things about that season and the World Series never told before. Doff the baseball cap and join us for a masterful 9 innings on this special edition of “The Man in the Arena”.