Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
The despicable critics of Simone Biles. Dearth of talent in sports broadcasting. "Team America" PC.

Simone Biles spits out an uncomfortable truth, and is hammered by the despicable amongst us. The real issue of mental health and why so many people fear it’s discussion. America still gripped in a COVID19 nightmare and those elected conspiratorialists are trying to duck and cover. How popular IS NASCAR anymore, and does the casual sports fan care about that sport? And the return of “Team America: World Police” has people frothing at the mouth. THESE scintillating issues and more on deck for the latest episode of “Free 4 All”, where there is never a filter, never an edit, always your text message reactions, and no censorship. NO fooling. This quartet includes legendary motorsports writer Godwin Kelly, legendary South Florida sportstalker Jeff DeForrest, and veteran soccer announcer Bruce Silverman. NO, IT’S NOT AN ALL-SPORTS SHOW, people. You’ll see. ALL SHOWS are posted to YouTube for later viewing, and ALL SHOWS are on every major podcast platform. All I ask is that you subscribe and join us.