Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
The Dangerous Tim Tebow: Leaving a trail of jealous and angry explosive heads in his wake.

The announcement that Tim Tebow was on the verge of attempting another NFL comeback turned out to be the single most interesting and ridiculous media event of 2021. Heads of so-called NFL “experts” and analysts, including more than a few out of work former NFL assistant coaches, were imploding from coast to coast, and angry couch potato fans were livid at the possibility. Why? What’s the big deal? What is about Tebow that gets people so riled up? Emmy Award winning sports commentator Ed Berliner has the definite answers, ranging from jealousy to religious hate. It’s not so much these blabbermouths hate him as much as they likely want to BE Tim Tebow. In the end, maybe if more people dug into who he really is and what he does off the playing surface, being more lie the former Gator might not be such a bad idea. Bring it on for another rousing edition of “The Man in the Arena” Speaking of Sports”.