Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
The 2021 NHL season, emerging from the 2020 COVID19 bubble, a League edge & franchises in trouble.

The NHL emerges from a successful 2020 COVID19 bubble season with more questions than at any time in their modern history. Exactly when that 2021 season will start, the desperate need to put fans in the seats, franchises in more financial distress than ever before, players being told to get ready for pay cuts, and then there’s the players on the way up and the ones who need to break out the golf bags. Speaking of money, aren’t these franchises owned by multi-millionaires? Doesn’t it seem more than a little insulting to hear them cry poverty because of the pandemic? Welcome back the real “dynamic duo” from the hockey press box, Jimmy Murphy and Joe Haggerty from “Boston Hockey Now”. Lace up those skates and let’s get no-holds barred, no apology and no favor given answers on “The Man in the Arena”.