Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
Taking a hard line against idiots on planes. No sympathy for COVID19 deniers. No more aging rockers!

Another exceptional episode in “Free 4 All”. Time to hammer down on knuckleheads like “Duct Tape Boy” who disrupt air traffic and put lives at risk. Also, time we stopped having any sympathy for anyone who suffers from COVID19 when they made the call not to vaccinated to wear a mask. Time to stop the ridiculous reliance on instant replay in sports, AND time to stop coughing out big bucks to see aging rockers such as the Rolling Stones. Join Emmy Award winning broadcaster Ed Berliner with his quarter of globally noted aviation expert Ross Aimer, former air traffic controller Mark Goldberg, and veteran South Florida sportscaster Craig Minervini as they let it all fly with no filter and no censorship. This is “Free 4 All”, where anything can happen. New episodes of “Free 4 All” drop every Tuesday and Friday LIVE across YouTube, Facebook and Linkedin, with excerpts then syndicated on all platforms including Twitter. ALL episodes of this and other shows from “The Man in the Arena” series are available at http://welcometothearena.com and by searching “Ed Berliner” on all major audio podcast platforms.