Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
"Sports Pulse": Schilling, the BBWAA, HOF hypocrisy & the shame of Cooperstown's morality clause.

The 2021 Baseball Hall of Fame results may finally force change in the way players are inducted into Cooperstown. Curt Schilling’s public whines are offset by discussion of whether he’s even worthy, if he was just a “really good” player and not a legend, and the morality clause for induction. Veteran MLB columnist and reporter Bob Klapisch has one of those sacred votes, and even he is tired of the double standard, taking his peers to task. But will this all change anything? Turns out the real problem here is NOT the baseball writers who cast the votes, rather the people who run the Hall of Fame. More baseball as the Players Union is at odds (again) with ownership, this time over COVID19 and the 2021 season. The former manager of the Mets is in hot water again, leaving one to wonder if teams need to do more vetting for such positions. Join Ed Berliner for the high hard ones on this baseball edition of “The Fastest 60 Minutes in Sports”.