Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
Sports COVID19 season asterisks, we settle the MJ/LBJ GOAT debate, & the lessons of Joe Morgan

“The Sports Reporters” dig deep on the need for asterisks in the just completed NBA and NHL seasons, and why the same will be necessary for MLB and the NFL. LeBron has won another title, but he may STILL not be the GOAT, and we know why. The Florida Gators are about to inflict a new “Sports Super Spreader” on 90,000 people. Joe Morgan passes, and we have reasons to yet again reach back and find a better time in sports. Where did it all come apart? Join Ed Berliner, “The Man in the Arena”, as he welcomes Brad Cesmat and Dennis Bernstein in for a new no-holds barred and always non-PC version of “The Sports Reporters”.