Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
Shannon Sharpe: WORST "lawyer" in America. SCOTUS has the NCAA worried. Bravo activist athletes.

With absolutely no evidence whatsoever in the DeShaun Watson case, we are overwhelmed by terrible actors such as Shannon Sharpe pretending to be lawyers, and the easily amused falling for their nonsense and sometimes hysterical opinions. President Joe Biden points to “responsibility” and “science” in sports dealing with COVID-19, something the Texas Rangers and the NFL are employing on very different planes of action. The Supreme Court throws a momentary wrench into the cabal known as the NCAA, which continues fighting to ensure they can keep using athletes as money making, throw away refuse while cashing fat checks. What SCOTUS said may not change everything right away, but it does indicate the NCAA is hearing new footsteps in trying to keep their money machine churning out profit. Time to turn to the real news reports on all of these subjects and hear from Emmy Award winning sports and news commentator Ed Berliner in a new edition of “The Man in the Arena: The Press Box”, available on YouTube at http://welcometothearena.com and on all major podcast platforms by searching out “Ed Berliner”.