Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
Peter Golenbock: Baseball Cheats & Owner Controlled Commish Nothing New

This could be the most dysfunctional and disastrous time in Major League Baseball history. Then again, it could an era of cheating and dreadful leadership that will soon pass into history without any real repercussions to the sport. Peter Golenbock has written more than 20 books about baseball and brings his intimate knowledge of the game and it’s character to “The Man in the Arena”. From cheats who may very well work again in baseball, to a Commissioner under the thumb of his media bosses, to the player who magnificently scorched that Commish over some of the more ludicrously bad rules ideas the game has ever known, it’s all in here and a lot more. Join Emmy Award winning broadcaster and host Ed Berliner for a rollicking rendition of “The Man in the Arena”.