Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
NYC & the 80's "Empire of Greed", Michael Jordan's GOAT, & COVID19 vs. the US Sports Fan

Whether sports or politics, it seems everything begins in New York City. Prolific author and noted sports reporter/commentator Sean Deveney has proof, both via his more than 20 years spent along the NBA hardcourt and every other major American professional sport championship, but also in his research intertwining such diverse figures as Doc Gooden, Donald Trump and Ed Koch making a solid point about greed and glory in America. That, as they say, is not all. Sean is right in the thick of debates such as the one about Michael Jordan being the GOAT in the NBA, ( he has lots of proof), the future of sports in American post-COVID19, and what our demand for games in the thick of a killer pandemic says about us as fans. Join Ed Berliner as he welcomes Sean Deveney to a very special and potentially electric episode of “The Man in the Arena”.