Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
NFL COVID19 & CTE lies, CFB pas point of no return, Rays magic, Smith/Carlos 1968 power

Comments from the NFL and some of their coaches must conclude this sport is about as concerned with the pandemic’s effect on their players as they were about concussions, and we all know how that ended. College football, meantime, has backed itself into a corner from which there is no COVID19 escape. The Tampa Bay Rays are showing how a baseball franchise can escape mediocrity and failure with smart moves and not a ton of money. And note the date, as it was 52 years ago two American athletes proved once and for all the positive power of mixing politics and sports. That’s correct, I wrote POSITIVE. Welcome back “The Smartest Man in the Room”, Joe Casale, for another no-holds barred edition of “Outside the Lines”, exclusively on “The Man in the Arena”.