Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
LSU gets help in criminal coverup. Johnny Bench calls Pete Rose out. More misery for Cubs fans.
The rampaging sexual assault case at LSU should surprise no one, and indeed it doesn’t shock those who know anything about big time college athletics. History shows those who claim assault are shoved to the shadows and usually demonized. The greater part of this is the coverup, and it’s always been helped by those who should be bexposing it. Pete Rose & Jim Gray are doing the “Apology Tour” dance again, but this time the Hall of Fame road closes forever for Charlie Hustle. Former Cincinnati Reds teammate Johnny Bench has what for some should be the last word. Theo Epstein has left the Chicago Cubs, and everyone knows the real reason why. Suffice to say Cubs fans better get used to being losers again. And what would happen if sports was run like the 2020 Presidential Election? Buckle up for an all-sports version of real news and solid commentary in this edition of “The Man in the Arena”.