Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
John Elway: From "The Trade" to the Hall of Fame, inside the relentless mind of a champion

John Elway will always be known for more than passing yards and Super Bowls. He was the first player out of college who had the audacity to not only turn down the most powerful franchise in Major League Baseball, the NY Yankees, but to be so brazen as to tell the might NFL where he would and would not play! Elway became the face of a franchise, the sporting soul of an entire State, and a legendary football Hall of Famer. While he has won the Super Bowl as a member of the Broncos front office, there remain questions about his leadership from the “big chair”. All this and much more comes to the fore in a new book detailing every facet of Elway’s career. “John Elway: A Relentless Life” has it all from one of the best NFL reporter and writers of the past 30 years, Jason Cole. He joins Ed Berliner in the ring for a peek into the new book and the man who maintains that relentless drive. It’s another deep dig episode of “The Man in the Arena”, in this edition “The Fastest 30 Minutes in Excellent Sports Stories”.