Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
Is COVID19 creating a generation of fans who just don't care about sports anymore?

Face it, COVID19 robbed sports fans of their passion for most of 2020. Don’t tell anyone, but it will go deep into 2021 and every game we watch is going to change forever. Summer has forced a lot of fans to rediscover other parts of their lives, even….GASP!….family life and reading!!! Is it just possible sports as we know it will NEVER return? Then there’s one sport which is pricing itself out of existence by putting up secondary events with high pay per view rates, and athletes playing politics that could damage them and their sport. Much more on the card as we lace up the gloves and welcome former NYS Athletic Commissioner, Author and SiriusXM host Randy “The Commish” Gordon for another bout in “Randy’s Ringside”, part of the award winning sports interview program, “The Man in the Arena” with Ed Berliner.