Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
How the Super Bowl became truly Super OFF the playing field thanks to the Special Events mastermind.
The Super Bowl is much more than just a football game, It is an experience, a carnival ride, a week’s worth of color and dazzle that turned football fans into zealots, and made even non-sports fans part of the action. It took years to become the bacchanalia of today, and at the core of that revelry, popularity and profit, there sits Jim Steeg. The man who made history as the Special Events guru for the NFL, and who turned sporting events at every level into something much more. Join Ed Berliner as he welcomes Jim into “The Man in the Arena” for stories about those early years of the Super Bowl, what he might have done differently, how “Media Day” became a spectacle on it’s own, and where the game is heading after COVID19 and into the future. The Super Bowl as you’ve never heard about it before from the man who made it all happen, ONLY here on “The Man in the Arena”.