Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
How Fantasy & Gambling has ruined sports, COVID19 lies from NFL & CFB, & The Pat Riley rules

With the NFL’s schedule in disarray, it’s fair to ask if we’re getting the honest facts about positive COVID19 tests and why players are “terrified” at playing games right now. Needless to say, places such as Baylor have been ravaged by the virus and this isn’t happening overnight. With the NBA season over, LeBron and the LA Lakers may be getting all the attention, however another look needs to be taken at the Miami Heat, Pat Riley’s influence, and HC Erik Spoelstra being the most underrated floor boss in the NBA. And with so many sports back in play, let’s discuss how Fantasy Sports and gambling has completely ruined the relationship between fans and players, and why there is so little passion anymore for the games themselves. “The Sports Reporters” welcomes the morning team from “The DeFo Show” on 940 WINZ-AM in Miami, Jeff DeForrest and Mike Lubitz, as we light the torches on debates.