Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
Horse racing in the US: Time to end the only "sport" where people pay to watch the athletes die.

What was once sold to people as “The Sport of Kings”, thoroughbred horse racing in America is now little more than a greedy bloodsport. Every single day, horses die in training, on the track, and in their stalls. Those in the sport repeat the lies about “caring” for the animals, when in reality, horses are drugged to the point of where they feel no pain even when bones are shattering. These are relative infants being forced to perform unnatural acts, all in the call for owners and trainers to get richer, and for gamblers to plunge their brains out watching as the athletes they cheer on could be dead right in front of their eyes. Only one man has dedicated his life and time to keeping track of the brutality in this heinous activity. Welcome Patrick Battuello, the founder of “Horse Racing Wrongs”, as he details the incontrovertible facts about horse racing, digs into the constant lies being pushed by the industry and those who are supposed to be protecting the horses, and talks about why over-drugging of these magnificent animals isn’t the only thing killing them. A very special and powerful episode of “The Man in the Arena”.