Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
High schools and colleges cannot guarantee athlete safety from COVID19. Period. Is anyone listening?

High schools are opening, sometimes closing, just as quickly, and colleges are planning also on fall sports. All this while COVID19 cases continue to roll up frightening numbers. Is anyone actually listening to the warnings? Is it possible we are missing something, and there’s no real worry about going back to the playing field at this time? And what of college football, who is right there helping promote a preseason Top 25 when a lot of schools aren’t even playing??? National High School and College Recruiting Analyst Larry Blustein checks in with some further honest and blunt conversation about the matters, including a note to those parents and players intent on sending video of themselves to colleges as part of the recruiting process. Welcome to “The Fastest 30 Minutes in Sports”, where there’s no fluff and plenty of meat for discussion here on “The Man in the Arena”.