Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
High school athlete parents fail to follow the COVID19 cash, college football lies & con job camps.

Finally, there appears to be some common sense from certain high school associations to save their athletes from any dangers of COVID19. At the same time, plenty of parents are falling for the fraud of football camps that will do NOTHING to get their kids into college, and they are completely failing to consider who is going to pay the extra cash for their kids to play in ANY sport.  Add to it Pac-12 players rising up with demands about their safety, reports of fixed COVID19 tests, and we have a full blown crush of controversy across the board in both high school and college athletics. Nationally recognized Prep and Collegiate sports analyst Larry Blustein returns on “The Man in the Arena”, armed with the insiders take on these stories and much more. Lace up the gloves and prepare for another set of truthful punches to the gut from Larry and Ed Berliner on “The Man in the Arena”.