Healthcare workers under siege, dangerously funny Rand Paul, laughable golf GOAT, UFC Golf. Seriously????
Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena

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Excellent news about a vaccine for COVID-19, tempered by yet another blowhard bluster of buffoonery from a politician, this time “Dr.” Rand Paul, who you wouldn’t want fixing a hangnail. This as healthcare workers are quitting in record numbers, overworked and near suicidal. There’s a logical and easy way to avoid being part of the problem in fixing the current rift in America, and that’s not being a teacher using social media to hammer away at Donald Trump. Let’s balance all this with a turn to sports. and the absolutely hysterical argument about Dustin Johnson already being one of the greatest golfers of all time! We”ll kick out today with a new sport that mixes the UFC and golf. You read that correctly. Golf and UFC. Buckle up as “Trending on 30” again features real news from real news sources and doles out honest, intelligent opinion from Emmy Award winning journalist Ed Berliner.