Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
Free 4 All: Disrespectful Lightning. The "A" in Stephen A. Smith. Can we still laugh at Bill Cosby & Woody Allen?

No rules, no censorship, and no fooling as Ed Berliner welcomes NY Times bestseller Peter Golenbock, (featuring a special preview of his new books), veteran comedian and “The Fastest Comic on this Feet” Gene Merola, and NHL commentator/analyst/excellent New England hat guy Jimmy Murphy to another breakneck episode of “Free 4 All”. They tackle how the Tampa Bay Lightning players figuratively dumped on the Stanley Cup, why it’s not so wrong to still think Bill Cosby and Woody Allen were once funny, the idiocy of no paper tickets for sporting events, and why people just can’t stop hating successful athletes. If you’re offended by tough language, you have been warned. The only broadcast talk show were the mission is to engage, entertain, and enrage. This is the “Free 4 All”.