Ed Berliner: The Man in the Arena
Free 4 All: COVID19 herd thinning, bumbling local press, the lesson of Britney, & black America vaccine fears

“Free 4 All” runs the gamut in this episode. Ed Berliner welcomes veteran comedian LA Hardy, Emmy Award winning news reporter John Deutzman, and legendary crime journalist and author Diane Dimond as they nail down plenty of discourses. The tragic state of local TV news, how COVID19 is helping to thin the stupid herd of one political Party, why black America is still wary of the COVID19 vaccine, and the reality of conservatorship fraud that is much more than meets the eye in the Britney Spears case. No other syndicated talk show covers this much ground with this much intelligence. No filter, no censorship, no editing, no fooling. The motto at “Free 4 All” is simple: Engage. Entertain. Enrage. SUBSCRIBE to this and all shows in “The Man in the Arena” series, and be sure to sign up for the audio version wherever you get your podcasts. Join us every Tuesday and Friday at 3pm ET for another episode of “Free 4 All”.